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Film Schools Directory

The largest database of universities, colleges, and institutes offering filmmaker training.

The Film Schools Directory is the Internet's largest directory of schools and colleges offering film courses and programs. We currently list 1313 schools and colleges in 86 countries.

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Top-Rated Film Schools

The 10 best film schools in the world, based on the average rating by users.

  1. CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX (New Westminster, Canada)
  2. The Film School (Seattle, United States)
  3. International Film College (Gold Coast, Australia)
  4. Rome International Film School (Rome, Italy)
  5. Mumbai Film Academy (Mumbai, India)
  6. Industry Film School (Shrewsbury, United States)
  7. Chapman University (Orange, United States)
  8. Afrigos Film & Media Academy (Abuja, Nigeria)
  9. Film and Media Arts International Academy (Cebu City, Philippines)
  10. San Diego State University (San Diego, United States)

Guide to Film School Ratings


Awesome - this school rocks!


Good - worth the effort.


Adequate - you'll learn something useful.


Poor - but beggars can't be choosers.


Dire - don't waste your time!


Unrated - the jury is still out

Submitting a New School

The film schools directory contains over 1313 listings, so there is a good chance your school is already included. However, if you know of a university, college, or institution which offers courses in filmmaking and isn't already listed, please let us know.