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San Diego State University

San Diego, United States

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School of Theatre, Television, and Film
College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, California 92182-7601
United States

Tel. +1 619-594-6363
Email. via the contact form

Are foreign students accepted?

Courses Offered
Under Graduate Degree (Bachelors), Graduate Degree (Masters)

Unknown (add info)

Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used
Final Cut Pro, ProTools

Average Age of Equipment
2 - 5 years

Reviews of San Diego State University

Phil Wilson Current Student, 30-Mar-2009
I had an interview at UCLA and I didn't get in, SDSU was my 2nd choice and I'm actually really glad UCLA didn't work out. I'm in the Grad film program now and I've met some really great filmmakers. There are only 8 of us in the grad program and everyone is really supportive. The facilities here are top notch, even though it is a State school they have surprisingly good equipment. For example, the checkout room currently has a 35mm panavision camera contracted out for the students to checkout for a really cheap day rate. There are two studios, editing bays, film cameras, nice 24p HD cameras, and good actors. I've been really challenged by my time here, and this is only my 2nd semester. If you're considering a Graduate degree in film and tv, don't overlook SDSU, it's close enough to LA (2 hrs) so that you can telecine or cast there and you're living in San Diego which is a cool city. You also get a huge tuition break compared to Chapman or USC so that you've got more dough to spend on your films. I also work weekends, so there's room in the program, unlike some other schools, for the students to stay afloat and hold down jobs. Also, a film that came out of SDSU just won the short film prize at Sundance this year. Good luck!
A former student Former Student, 06-May-2007
SDSU is possibly located in the best city on the planet and that will quickly make up for any administrative shortcomings that the university has. SDSU is a huge school and that is felt from the beginning but as soon as you are within the film school bubble you will learn as much as you want from both your mentors and your fellow students. Project based learning, groups that stay together for the four years, ample opportunity to learn skills, and great staff make this a great school. The difficulties that you have with dealing with a large university red tape are just good practice for the real world. P.S. The San Diego Film Commision is awesome and wants to help you
Ken Jacobs Former Student, 27-Nov-2005
SDSU ROCKS!!! I graduated from SDSU in the Spring of 2004. I have consistently found work in the field of filmmaking and have since opened with my friend (and cinematographer) to produce movies, music videos and commercials. SDSU's film school makes the difficult transition from student filmmaker to professional filmmaker available to all students because they bring in professionals from the field and have deeply rooted values of friendship and teamwork built into the curriculum. The Esprit de Corps of filmmaking lives in the hearts of teachers and students alike. If you're thinking of applying to SDSU film school, don't hesitate any longer. You'll forever be glad you attended a fine and shining example of old school ethics and new world technology blended into an academically relevant course of studies.

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