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Film and Media Arts International Academy

Cebu City, Philippines

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Old Sacred Heart School Campus
General Maxilom Avenue,
Cebu City, Cebu 6000

Tel. +1-213-471-2277
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Diploma (1 Year), Diploma (2 Years), Short Beginner Courses, Other,


Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used
Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, ProTools, ProTools, Other,

Average Age of Equipment
Less than 2 years

Reviews of Film and Media Arts International Academy

Piero Vergara Current Student, 13-Feb-2017
I'm a film student currently at my third term. Here are my thoughts: The curriculum is tight and catered to truly test you for the after-life (life after film school). This term alone, I am on my way to shoot a total of 5 6-8 minute long short films as either part of the crew or as a director of my own film, all the while keeping in mind that the academic side of the curriculum will be waiting for me after every weekend. Even though it sounds like a grind, it really isn't I am happy to do it. It's real experience in my eyes, and that's awesome, one that teaches its students how to manage our time and resources. Every term's lesson plan inspires excitement for the next, when we are allowed the freedom to practice what we learn. The instructors really inspire a hunger for knowledge for the craft in us students, and I personally feel that they are genuinely passionate about teaching. They even go out of their way to help us at times. On the gear: Equipment is well selected and neither limit, nor spoil us, leaving just the right amount of freedom (inventory-wise) to force us to think creatively and strategically to get the job done. Aside from that, the faculty is stern when it comes to the safety, and professionalism in handling our productions, which really heightens the experience and makes it feel school productions that much more real. Take my word for it, if you wanna do film, and are certain about it, FMA is ideal for you. And P.S if you are interested, and do end up enrolling at FMA after reading this review, let me know so i can give myself a high five for helping this awesome school out. Yeps. I was asked to write a quick review, minumum of two sentences. And here I am, a couple hundred words in.... ahhhh.... that alone should speak for something..... right?.. Yes, right..... Some people might not even read all the way down here..... But who cares? I'm just speakin my honest truth. It's a free country anyway.... Lastly, thanks for reading, and hope this helped in some way.
Freling Former Student, 30-Jan-2017
Best Film school in the country. Great environment for aspiring Filmmakers to learn the craft hands on with great equipments, not forgetting the awesome staff that are very helpfull and will make you feel at home.
Prasanth Ghantasala Former Student, 28-Jan-2017
FMA a lot of equipment to boast of, For example a Red dragon, couple of Black magic 2.5k and Black magic 4k to name a few. And there are many more film schools in the world who might have much better stock of equipment, but the Mentors here make this school a bit different and competitive for students. Every Department like Screenwriting, Direction, Editing and Producing are headed by very experienced and smart people who know exactly how to push students to realize their strength and believe in it. The school gives its Alumni enough Strength to fly out and explore the world with their newly acquired skills set. My only advice to the support staff is to break the boundaries of Sinulog film festival and 48 hour film challenge and reach out to the film festivals around the globe. The students are creative enough to reach new heights and the mentors are experienced enough to guide them through the process.
Ronaldo Current Student, 27-Jan-2017
I'm glad I have chosen to apply for a scholarship with Film & Media Arts International Academy, it makes a lot of big difference in my film career. When I graduate, I know my life will never be the same. I am forever grateful, Mr. Caesar "Johnny Kawa" A. Ditan! FMA, thank you!
Denise Solon Current Student, 27-Jan-2017
The place is a fun environment to learn in. Its not all stiff formal training like i was afraid it would be and its overall a really fun experience with understanding teachers. I only wish the animation course was longer.
William Tuffs Current Student, 27-Jan-2017
So far in my experience, I felt welcomed amongst everyone in the school. The classes are a handful but manageable. I'm learning new depths of the subjects that I never got to learn before, like sound design and producing. Staff are engaging, and will give professional advice on what to do from their past experiences. The biggest pro for me is being able to borrow film equipment that I cant afford, so that I can inhace my abilities with the equipment. The school is excellent, and I would recommend it for any passionate film maker to learn here.
Anjunette Clare (Joanie) Former Student, 25-Jan-2017
(A) Within a year, we have written, produced, directed and edited seven films, plus the other roles we did for our classmates' or even other batches' films. (B) We can truly use the school's gear & equipment. (C) The mentors are experienced and helpful. The best part of Film & Media Arts International Academy is the people. I found a family (native and foreigners). We have formed a film crew and we have been taking care of each other. They are more than I have wished for.
Rio Delizo Current Student, 17-Feb-2015
The most awesome thing about this school is the equipment. Really. I got two words for you people, "EPIC DRAGON" and it doesn't get any better than that :) Plus compared to all other film schools, FMA is very available (pocket wise) considering the quality of the education plus the film equipment and not to mention books :D
jessie Current Student, 11-Feb-2015
I am currently a student with ZERO experience in all technical aspects of filmmaking. First month of semester, which by the way is also my first term, we had our first video shot; along with tons of adventures around premiere and after effects. FMA loves to throw workload on us fast and often, but for me, fast is best way to learn. Staffs are all amazing and we have the coolest mentors in the planet. FMA is the best film school ever!

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