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The Film School

Seattle, United States

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2828 Boyer Avenue East
Seattle, Washington 98102-3934
United States

Tel. +1 206-709-2555
Email. via the contact form

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Reviews of The Film School

John Jacobsen Faculty Member, 15-May-2008
I am the President of TheFilmSchool, one of the founders, and I also teach there. I have a long history in the film and theatre business and also in teaching, and despite my obvious bias to this school, I seriously think it is one of the most serious, and thus one of the best, places on this planet to learn how to craft a great story for film. Our faculty includes Tom Skeritt the actor (MASH, Top Gun, etc...) and Stewart Stern, truly one of the greatest screenwriters alive (Rebel Without A Cause, Sybil, etc...) - they are dedicated, supportive, and superb, as are the other faculty, all of whom are working filmmakers. The intensive course is a deal when you consider the hours you are in class, and this is such a smarter way to spend your money and time than going to graduate school. You learn more, you learn it faster, you learn it better, and you learn it for less money. And if you have already gone to graduate school, come to us to see what they forgot to tell you.
Jenni Boran Former Student, 15-May-2008
I am being completely serious when I say my experience at TheFilmSchool was a life-changing one. I went in with an interest in writing scripts, I came out with a greater knowledge of myself, my particular voice, a greater ability to observe/empathize with others--all in all, a much more rounded writer. I finally had to admit to myself, throughout this course, that this is what I really wanted to do with my life. Fortunately, the instruction is second to none, the one on one contact with all of the fabulous and inspiring instructors is incredible. I can't say enough about the value of this course. Its influence on my writing and on my life has been positively off the charts.
Dustin Former Student, 24-Oct-2006
This school is simply amazing. In these 3 intensive weeks (and believe me, they are really intensive) I was able to go in with next to nothing and come out with the knowledge/knowhow to start working on a screenplay/story, and a basic ability to direct as well as act. The instructors are all phenomenal, and they all really know what they're doing and talking about. The group (fellow students) I was with were also all very into the courses, not to mention they were all intelligent people, which made the experience just that much better for everyone. Simply put, if you're looking for a school for writing and directing, this one is well worth every single penny.

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