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What good film schools are there in the UK?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

The National Film & Television School has the best reputation and offers both degree programs and short courses.

National Film and Television School
Beaconsfield Film Studios
Station Road
Bucks HP9 1LG
Tel. (+44) 01494 671234
Fax. (+44) 01494 674042

London Film School has a good reputation amongst the general film community, however it is quite expensive compared to some of the other institutions. One advantage however is that students get to work with 35mm as part of the course. For more info:

London Film School
24 Shelton Street
London, WC2H 9HP
Tel. (+44) 0171 836 9642

Other colleges with good reputations include:

A booklet called Media Courses UK is also published annually by the British Film Institute. This book lists media programs and short courses that are offered by various institutions throughout the year of publication.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 26-Nov-2004


Older Comments

Edinburgh Napier University graduate  |  30-Jan-2014
Napier University is not a college. And it changed its name to Edinburgh Napier University. Can this please be changed on this site. Thanks.
Robert  |  22-May-2010
you should also include another Film School on your list. The Regents London School of Film, Media & Performance
Silvio DaVinci  |  07-Feb-2006
I think there has been a misunderstanding on the list of best UK film schools. It is Bournemouth University, not Bournemouth Art College which is on the country's top list. The HND (2 years before the Bachelor Hons degree) are given at Salisbury College. The BA is choosable between Bournemouth or Salisbury. Masters is at Bournemouth Uni as well. Silvio DaVinci