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Sites We Like's favourite websites for filmmakers

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  • Animation World Network - Animation World Magazine's online resource centre. You want to animate it? Start here.
  • AV Media Resources - A well-presented site with product reviews, service directories, tips for independent filmmakers, and a host of other resources for audio-visual industry professionals.
  • CML - Cinematography Mailing List - Aside from running some of the best mailing lists around, the CML site also contains excellent articles on an extremely wide variety of subjects relating to cinematography, including bleach by-pass, cross processing, green screen, frazier lenses, variable primes, etc. A must.
  • Curlie - The successor to the original Open Directory (DMOZ), Curlie also has an extensive section on filmmaking.
  • Cyber Film School - One of the first and best online film training and information resources on the web.
  • Film Slate Magazine - Online magazine covering a wide variety of filmmaking topics and independent film reviews.
  • Film Sound Design - From terminology guides, to sound theory and pratice, articles and great FAQs. An awesome site for any and all interested in film sound.
  • Film Underground - This site rocks! A massive collection of information on all stages of the indie film production process.
  • FilmFour Making Movies - FilmFour, the champion of British independent film production, offers an incredible volume of information and inspiration for new and indepenent filmmakers through the Making Movies section of its site.
  • Filmmaking - UK-based FutureMovies offers a host of articles and interviews.
  • - This site provides an extensive and growing archive of links to filmmaking articles and sites around the world. A great resource!
  • Indiewire - The news service for indie filmmakers. Website and get their daily email briefing.
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - The mother of Internet film sites! Everything you ever needed to know about films. IMDBPro service offers a range of additional information for filmmakers and film industry professionals.
  • Kemps - One of the leading production serviecs handbooks, with the online version you can search for over 35,000 production services companies from 65 countries worldwide.
  • Microbudget Movies - An excellent resource covering the process of microbudget moviemaking from start to finish. Includes useful case studies.
  • Netribution - A huge collection of free resources for UK filmmakers. Covers funding, stats, contacts, company info, festival listings, weekly news and interviews, submission reminders, screening groups, and more. A great section on UK and International funding too!
  • ProjectX - Bought to you by the Elemental Films, this site hosts a growing collection of excellent articles on digital filmmaking. UK-focussed site, but the articles will be of interest to all!
  • The Online Communicator - Brought to you by Rich Wilson Creative Services, The Online Communicator is a fantastic selection of resources for many aspects of media production and is the official home for the misc.writing.screenplays FAQ.

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