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Industry Film School

Shrewsbury, United States

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450 Shrewsbury Plaza
Suite 108
Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702
United States

Tel. +1 877-593-8953
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses, Other

Unknown (add info)

Camera Formats Used
MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), HDV, HDCAM/HDTV, Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm

Post-Production Systems Used
Final Cut Pro

Average Age of Equipment
2 - 5years

Reviews of Industry Film School

Russell Kelly Former Student, 06-Mar-2008
Took a week intensive with my daughter. THe class was well structured and took the student from and explanation of equipment through the editing of a short clip you create hands-on. I would recommend this course for all ages if your objective is to have a hands no experince and want to apply what you learn.
Mike Sellari Current Student, 06-Mar-2008
AWESOME. Just awesome. This film school is great. You really learn a lot while still doing things on your own. You really get a lot out of it. The people are great too, they all are into film and will help you out with anything if you ever need it. What's also cool is that the school is very friendly with an acting school so you get to get serious actors in your projects. I highly recommend Industry Film School.
Jonathan Warhol Former Student, 01-Mar-2008
Industry Film School is Great! My experience there taught me a lot about the mechanics of making a film and I got to use a lot of production equipment and work with a whole team of people, including actors, lighting crew, and audio. I have been making short films ever since I borrowed my Dad's old video camera when I was bout 10 years old and made monster movies with my toy characters. Now I borrow his new camera and have made 2 films that appeared in art/film festivals and I do camera work and directing for my school. I can thank Neal at Industry Film School for giving me a whole new set of skills. I look forward to being able to take more courses with him.
Michele Santo Former Student, 29-Feb-2008
Neal was very accomodating to set up a one on one class for me. When you meet him, you will see, he lives for the kids, film, education and growing Industry Film School. He has quite the production going on!
Jim Mauro Current Student, 28-Feb-2008
A great school for anybody. Whether you know what field of filmmaking you would like to go into, you can learn it all here. Their partnership with an acting school makes easy to find actors for your film on short notice. The staff knows what they are doing, are super friendly, and wil help you with anything. You will make friends that you will be friends with outside the school. I highly recomend this school to anyone who wants to be part of the film industry.
Siobhan Cavanagh Former Student, 24-Feb-2008
Attending Industry Film School was one of the greatest experiences of my life! I have taken three filmmaking courses there- 16 mm filmmaking, High Definition Filmmaking and a filmmaking/acting course. I cannot even begin to explian all that I have learned there. I am currently a senior in high school and I will be attending college next year as a Film major. Indusrty film school has not only nutured my passion for filmmaking, but it has helped me to take that passion and express it in film. It taught me how to make a film technically and let me do the creative portion. It also gave me the tools I needed to make several of my own student projects. In my latest film I used the equipment, techniques, and contacts that I gained while working with Indusrty Film School. This film was part of my college portfolio and I have been accepted to three of my four schools (thus far). This past January three other students and myself attended the Student Telivision Network Convention in Los Angeles. We also were fortunate enough to go on set of a taping of Trading Spaces. Industry Film School has given me contacts, knowledge, experiences, ideas and so much more. I cannot stress enough how much this school has impacted my life. Also the instructor, Neal Bennett, is not only extremely knowledgeable and has a grat deal of contacts and experiences. He guides the students as to the proper method of doing things, but still allows them to experiment and be creative. All in all, Industry is the best place on EARTH!

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