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Filmmaking Software : On-Set Tools

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Available works like an availability calendar, and social networking platform, allowing workers to broaden their professional circle and allowing the people hiring to spend less time tracking down available workers with numerous texts and calls. It streamline the crew booking process with our scheduling features and make it easy to network, find, manage and communicate with the crew while on set.

 |  Android,iOS,

Camera Journal

This sheet provides an excellent way to record camera and
lighting data such as T-stops, film stock, film speed, meter
readings and contrast ratios.
lighting data such as T-stops, film stock, film speed, meter
readings and contrast ratios.

 |  Win 3.x/95/98/NT, Mac  |

Eubank's Log

The camera assistant`s camera log for the Palm Pilot. Requires HanDBase, a shareware database program for PalmPilot.

 |  Palm OS  |


FilmShop is a lighting design software system for film production, incorporating a collection of tools to assist the DP, Gaffer, Grip, Best Boy and others on the production team with the technical planning process. Extremely useful package.

 |  Win 95/98/NT  |

LPS - Lighting Paperwork System

Lighting Paperwork System is a set of software products focused on streamlining the paperwork and information used when designing and implementing entertainment lighting. LPS uses an innovative display system that significantly speeds up the creation of lighting paperwork and using the paperwork information during hang, focus, and tech rehearsals. LPS uses a base set of ten industry standard paperwork layouts, and the user can define any number of more specialized layouts. Users can view the paperwork in multiple layouts simultaneously. Included with LPS is a library of fixtures, colors, templates and lighting supply companies at the users fingertips, inside one application.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Mac OSX, Linux  |


MavDof v1.0 is a freeware depth of field calculator for the Palm handheld computer.

 |  Palm 2.0+  |


The motion picture Field-of-View, Depth-of-Field, Aperture-Finder (for "splits") and Hyperfocal calculator for the Palm Pilot (does not work on your desktop computer). pCAM was created by Dian Suharto Iskandar and myself for Camera Assistants and is also useful to DPs, Camera Operators, Directors and Art Directors.

 |  Palm OS  |


SoftPlot is a graphical design tool that makes it easy to drag-and-drop lighting fixtures, trusses, and other elements on the design surface. You can take a bird-eye's view and see your design in Plan, Cross Section, and Elevation views to make sure all your sightlines and focuses are correct! Working with SoftPlot will greatly increase your design time. SoftPlot will also mange your paperwork from gel lists to instrument schedules.

SoftPlot can import and export DXF files and can also import other formats such as Bitmap and JPEG to add backdrops and set pieces.

Printing is easy with SoftPlot as it can output to any printer or plotter supported by Windows. Many options are available from color to page sizes. You can also create and print reports of inventory, pattern listings, channel schedules, and others.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98  |


Corporate video producers, 'Special Interest
Video' makers, event videographers, college and high school
news and video production departments, even advanced amateur
videographers can now afford to own a professional before-
the-lens VideoPrompter.

 |  MS-DOS  |

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