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Filmmaking Software : Production Management

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Burnrate is an application designed for directors and cinematographers to track film stock or videotape use, as well as the shoot schedule's status. By entering daily pages shot and film stock or videotape used, burnrate displays your average and daily shooting atios compared with the project's target shooting ratio. Beyond film use statistics, burnrate tracks the shoot schedule and reports on its status.

 |  mac, pc, linux  | ShotList Manager

Generate Shot Lists for your project

 |  Win XP, Win 2000  |


Celtx is the first end to end solution for the pre-production of media. It has all of the tools you need in one modern, Internet friendly software application. Celtx operates offline or online, providing the best of both worlds.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Mac OSX, Linux  |

Cinergy 2000 Motion Picture Production System

Available in application modules, you purchase only the functions you need for your job or your current phase of production. Each module integrates seamlessly with the rest of the application, allowing multiple personnel to contribute their expertise to your project, or allowing you to build your system module-by-module. Software modules include:

On-Set Shot Logging
Post Production
Video Assist
Labor Rates
Script Editor

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98  |


CineSchedule is an easy to use, cost-effective, yet comprehensive way to schedule film productions. It is a stand-alone application - you need nothing else to begin scheduling.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98  |


Cinetools is the first robust, integrated software suite for filmmakers, screenwriters and producers. Cinetools generates professional sales packages, addresses vital production functions and streamlines the movie making process for screenwriters, producers and independent filmmakers at the breakthrough indie price of $150. With Cinetools, screenwriters, directors and producers are able to leverage market statistics by incorporating them into an integrated business plan. Armed with this kind of knowledge, screenwriters can now create professional sales packages and leverage themselves in the market far more powerfully than a screenplay alone can. Moreover, independent filmmakers and producers in particular are more able to compete for financing, one of the single largest barriers to entry into the film industry.

 |  Windows (XP &>), OSX/Classic  |

CompanyMOVE ShowPlanner

CompanyMOVE is a professional-caliber scheduling program designed and used by a working DGA (Director's Guild) First Assistant Director. It features:
• integrated call sheets and production reports
• superior graphics that better indicate what's shooting each day with a variety of shapes, colors and icons
• a calendar that is able to schedule prep and post
• new features like "TimeOut", which enables users to plan days by hours in addition to page count
• aggressive technical support that won't bleed the production community dry while offering frequent, free updates

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Mac OSX  |

An online client branded presentation tool for the media industry. Create a bag specifically for each individual presentations needs. Supports all stages of production process; quoting, presenting clients with ideas and final write off with clients able to leave comments. Create your own website presentation within minutes uploading treatments, show reels, movie clips, cast pictures and more.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OSX  |

Film Budget

Ideal for low-budget features or short dramas shot in 16mm.
Budget can be modified to 35mm by changing rental and
lab prices to reflect 35mm prices (you will also need to change
some of the descriptions). Requires Microsoft Excel 5.0.

 |  Win 3.x/95/98/NT  |

Film ROI/Budget Dashboard

Film ROI, distribution for theatre...understanding and comprehension

 |  Win 2000, Mac OSX, Linux, Other  |


Filmanize makes organising the production of your film simple. It takes you from script to call sheet easily and efficiently, helping you find actors and locations along the way, track your budget and produce a suggested shooting schedule. Filmanize automatically generates your call sheet, saving you time on manual creation, and handles sending it out to cast and crew as well.

 |  Web-based,

Filmmaker Software

It's a multi-featured film production software package designed for full-scale scheduling, budgeting, and managing. It also happens to be affordable. Filmmaker Software incorporates it`s own database engines and also makes use of Microsoft Excel, making it intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle complicated feature films like his.

 |  Win 95  |

Filmworks Budgeting

A quick and intuitive system that is entirely menu-driven.

 |  MS-DOS  | 

Filmworks Scheduling

A quick and intuitive system that is entirely menu-driven.

 |  MS-DOS  | 


FiveSprockets is online production studio offering free, web-based screenwriting and production-management software and a host of related resources. It can be used for features, serials, stage plays, radio plays, and even comic books.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OSX, Mac OS (legacy), Linux, Other  |


FoxOMS is powerful resource scheduling software, designed for the film, television and creative industries. FoxOMS also comes with built in project management and task management features which integrate with bookings to provide a seamless workflow experience. FoxOMS has a clean, simple and intuitive user interface and is mobile and tablet device compatible.

Our Post Production scheduling tool features 9 different schedule views including our popular timeline view. FoxOMS synchronizes bookings to Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar or Apple Calendar on mac and iOS devices. It also features booking notifications so everyone stays in the loop when a booking changes.

FoxOMS is cloud based software and there are no lock in contracts. There is a free 30 day trial to help you see how FoxOMS can help your business with your scheduling needs.

 |  Windows,Mac,Linux,


Geared towards the independent and low-budget filmmaker, Gorilla Pro is a revolutionary software tool designed to assist the creative individual in making a film or video.

From Pre-production through Production to Post Production, Gorilla Pro contains everything the filmmaker or producer needs to keep track of production information.

Designed as a complete production solution, Gorilla Pro offers traditional Budgeting and Scheduling along with a wealth of additional tools designed to help keep your production on budget and on time.

 |   |

Movie Magic Budgeting

The industry standard in Hollywood for preparing budgets. Great package, but let down by really really annoying copy protection.

 |  Win 9x/NT, Mac, MS-DOS  |

Movie Magic Scheduling

The industry standard in Hollywood for preparing schedules. Great package, but let down by really really annoying copy protection.

 |  Win 9x/NT, Mac, MS-DOS  | (web-based tool)

Entirely web-based tool for organizing film productions. System shares information with everyone involved with a film or TV project so people have the info they need when they need it.

ProdInfo integrates:

- cast & crew contact database
- scene info (import from Final Draft, Screenwriter, etc)
- shared calendar for meetings & shooting days
- dynamically generated call sheets as PDFs
- project location database dynamically tied to Yahoo! maps
- vendor database
- public web pages for audition notices, crew postings, etc.
- shared files, RSS news feeds, chat, bulletin boards

System spits out info on web pages or as downloadable Acrobat PDF files. A few clicks to download an entire production book including the script, all in a single PDF file.

That's the gist of it. NYU grad school has been using it in coursework since beta version in July 04. There's free demos and free trials easily available at the site. If you'd like give it a whirl for real, the invitation code "Cinemag85" is good for three free projects.

Thanks in advance for checking us out. And thanks for having a cool looking site with relevant content.

- Steve Kleiman

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OSX, Mac OS (legacy), Linux, Other  |

Production Forms

A massive collection of production forms to keep your production office paperhounds happy for years!

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OSX, Mac OS (legacy), Linux  |

Production Hero

End-to-end production tool. Build productions, generate call sheets and assign tasks from the production plan

 |  Windows,

Production Minds Platform (PMP)

Web based project management and creative collaboration tool for the pre-production of scripted film/video content. Includes script breakdown, shot lists, calendar & shooting schedules, casting, location management, production design, equipment lists and archives.

 |  Windows, Mac, Linux  |

RepTools 2008

RepTools™ 2008 is a customer relationship management (CRM) suite developed specifically for the entertainment industry. RepTools™ 2008 has nine integrated modules that are designed to efficiently manage all of the information businesses need to organize sales force automation, asset management, and customer relationships from the beginning to the end of production. With instantaneous access to every aspect of the production process and comprehensive metrics for detailed analysis, RepTools™ 2008 will let you worry about what matters the most: your customers.

New Features:
• Document Management - RepTools™ 2008 has an all new document management system that will automatically organize your storyboards, bids, treatments, callsheets, location photos, and more.
• Completely New Interface - Built to be faster over your network and keep you more productive.
• New QuickFind - Now you can find any of your projects, contacts, or bids in seconds.
• Live Filters - You decide what is relevant and prevent information overload from bogging down your workflow.

 |  Win XP, Mac OSX  |

Script Styler Suite

Media tools for the creation and production of written work, such as tv, film, theatre, and radio : features includes word processing, character building, budgeting, scheduling and planning.

Because the Script Styler Suite cater's for two distinct markets, it has been broken down into two core packages - The Writer's Edition, and the Director's Edition.

Writer's Edition Features
- Script Document Word Processor
- Character Profiler
- Visual Script Designer
- Story Type Creator
- Script Notes
- Text to Speech & File
- Names Db (Eng/Fr/Ger/etc.)
- Story Checklist Designer
- A. I. assisted Interactive B.O.T.
- Relaxation/Idea generation Tools

Director's Edition Features
- Production Budgeting
- Production Planning
- Production Scheduling
- Meeting management
- Contact Management
- Location Map Designer

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win 98  |

Set Hero

With SetHero, you can create and send professional and beautiful call sheets via email and text message. Track who has viewed and confirmed their call time, allowing for faster follow-ups. In addition to being web and print-ready, our digital call sheets are also mobile-optimized, enabling easy on-the-go access by cast and crew.

 |  Web-based,


Beautifully simple production management for film & TV. Scheduling, cast & crew management, report & daily callsheet generation. A simple solution, for a complex task.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Mac OSX, Linux  |


Production Management Made Modern

No matter the scale of your production — from shorts to features to series work — StudioBinder makes it effortless to stay on top of your projects.

 |  Windows,

Sunfrog Film Scheduling

I'm making Sunfrog because filmmakers want a modern scheduler. A scheduler that can export PDF or HTML files to post on the web, a scheduler that can track conflicts amongst actors and locations. A scheduler that is suited for professional producers, coordinators, AD's and UPM's as well as the independent filmmaker. A scheduler that is easy to use and doesn't crash. (Note: Sunfrog was formerly called "Bullfrog" - please see the web site for details).

 |  Win XP, Win 2000  |


Yamdu is a web app which combines individual tools for all specialist areas and all phases of your film production. Used by everyone on your team, it supports efficient use of the data generated in your project and subsequently optimizes collaboration. Wave goodbye to duplication of work and careless errors. Keep your eye on the whole picture while still monitoring the details.

 |  Windows,Mac,Linux,Android,iOS,Other,


Zooce is a web-based production solution for the independent movie maker that lets them manage and track their movie productions. It lets you and your cast and crew keep your locations, cast details, crew details, schedules, and more in a password-protected central location. And unlike most production solution, Zooce is a easy to use.

 |  Win XP, Win 2000, Win ME, Win 98, Win 95, Mac OSX, Mac OS (legacy)  |

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