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Silver Oath Film Production

Lahore, Pakistan

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Animation and Filmmaking
42 Rawaiaz Garaden
Lahore, Punjab

Tel. +92 427351027
Email. No email address provided (Add)

Are foreign students accepted?

Courses Offered
Diploma (1 Year), Diploma (2 Years), Diploma (3 Years+), Post-Graduate (PhD etc),

Directing (Fiction),

Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used
Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid,

Average Age of Equipment
Not Known

Reviews of Silver Oath Film Production

Saima Javed Former Student, 05-Dec-2005
Hi. I am female film Director, working with the Documentary filmmakers International house in Dubai at the time. I did my Diploma program with SilverOath year ago. I did my whole 3 year program in Lahore (Pakistan). To tell you the truth it was hard, well getting in, was hardest. SilverOath is very picky when it comes to take students. They will go through your resume, your work in past and then the interviews and they only have number of places each year for the number of students to get in. That time I thought it was so hard to get in - I was waiting list for year. Well now, I think it was all for the best for me. During my three years, I did three documentary films, two short films and one feature and placed them on International film festivals. One of the films was placed on Singapore cinema and that was very big deal for me as student that time and I got paid for it too. Well I have to say that I had great time learning and making those films and SilverOath did great job helping me to learn the way of great filmmaking and film understanding. Also they helped me to get in to world market and that means a lot when you have just finished Diploma in Lahore and being Pakistani. The great thing about SilverOath is that they will teach you International filmmaking, not just Pakistani style or Asian and you will gain all that just being in Pakistan. The biggest problem for the Pakistani students is getting Degree in Pakistan and looking for job in International market in overseas. SilverOath is great help in this. Because they have contacts all over. It's been great, thanks.
Staffano Soparo Former Student, 24-Sep-2005
I did my 2 year diploma of Filmmaking with the SilverOath Filmmaking school at the New York branch and Last year at the Lahore (Pakistan) School. At the begining I wasnt sure about Lahore but later on, It was wonderful experience and I loved it. During that time, I did two documentary films, four short films and one feature film. and that helped me to land on a great job as program Director in Singapore with the Media Corp (One of the biggest TV station in Singapore). another good thing about SilverOath is, we can learn about animation and Maya at the same time. Which is the future of Filmmaking. I feel great and the teachers are experienced from US Australia and other parts of Asia as Japan and Singapore. Lahore and other places like Lahore in Asia are also wonderful places to experience the filmmaking because its all developing and there are lot of issues to work on and do filmaking. In west, be being an American, I felt limited when it comes to filmaking. So far I love it.

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