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Hellenic Cinema & Television School Stavrakos

Athens, Greece

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65 Patision Street
Athens 104 33

Tel. +30 210 82 30 124
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Diploma (3 Years+), Short Professional Courses

Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Cinematography (Digital), Cinematography (Film), Costume Design, Editing, Producing (Film), Producing (Television), Production Design, Production Management, Screenwriting, Script Development, Sound Design, Sound Recording, Visual Effects

Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used
Avid Xpress/DV, Avid (High End), Linear Video Editing Systems, Flatbed Film Editing

Average Age of Equipment
2 - 5 years

Reviews of Hellenic Cinema & Television School Stavrakos

adreas Former Student, 06-Sep-2009
The Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos, better known as the Stavrakos School, is the oldest School in Greece. It is the main cell and the leading centre of Cinema and Television Studies in Greece, the cradle of three generations of artists and technicians. It consists of a group of Schools that cover the main activities in the Cinema, Television and Video education. The program of studies, the organisation and the whole structure follow the patterns of European and American faculties with which it cooperates and coordinates its activities. The work of the Stavrakos School has been widely acknowledged both in Greece and overseas. People in show business as well as the authorities consider it as the quintessence – sine qua non – of the audiovisual education in Greece. Most of the best well-known artists and technicians in this field have come out from the Stavrakos School, while a good deal of graduates excel abroad. The Stavrakos School is not financed in any way, state or private. Its resources are only the students’ fees and it owes its longevity to its excellent organisation, the good will of the stuff and the trust and love of the students. The School recognizes the support of its students and supports them in its turn after their graduation. The Stavrakos School is one of the first founding and permanent members of C.I.L.E.C.T. (Centre International De Liaison Des Ecoles De Cinema et De Television). C.I.L.E.C.T. is the most official, acknowledged, widely respected universal organisation of Cinema and Television education, well known for its various activities for the promotion of the medium. The School is also a permanent member of the University Film and Video Association (U.F.V.A.) and of the Groupement Europeen Des Ecoles De Cinema Et De Television (G.E.E.C.T.). During the end of this academic year the school will rerecognized by the greek state. After that wil be entry exams for alll candidate students.
nikos Former Student, 14-Apr-2009
THE OLDEST FILM SCHOOL IN GREECE,SINCE 50's, is a mythology for local film and televizion industry...cood be better but is always money, and a mistery dark war between ministry of culture and privet media education of greece..... On the past the school offered state diploma after exams on state commision, last for years, school it's a no recognized istitution, but ministry of culture say that wil fix the low (1158/81) to abord the school and offer again state diplomas.!!!
John Former Student, 09-Jan-2005
It is by far the best film school in Greece. Despite the fact that the equipment is really old, I think it is worth to go there because the teachers are some very experienced Greek filmmakers with very good technical and theoretical knowledge as well as great passion for teaching. If this Institution has had more support by the Greek Ministry of Culture, it would have been very good.

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