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Film & Television Institute

Fremantle, Australia

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92 Adelaide Street
Fremantle, Western Australia 6160

Tel. +61 8 9431 6700
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Graduate Degree (Masters), Short Professional Courses,

Directing (Documentary),

Camera Formats Used
Film (16mm), Film (35mm), Other,

Post-Production Systems Used
Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro,

Average Age of Equipment
Not Known

Reviews of Film & Television Institute

Hugh Buttsworth Former Student, 21-Oct-2003
Is the glass half empty or half full? I beg to differ in response to Anon's comments about the course: The facilities: - a good filmmaker should be able to make something to be proud of with them. The course is Cert IV in single camera video - so how many cameras do you need? One. The head lecturer: The most fair minded person you could meet. I'd suggest you have found something he has shared very confronting indeed. You might want to look at that in your own personal time rather than on an internet forum. You wouldn't need a lecturer who agreed with every viewpoint you have - there'd be nothing to learn. My suggestion is: make something really good, even if it's out of spite (that'll show'em) or get over whatever's bugging you.
Ian Newman Former Student, 20-Oct-2003
I started this course knowing very little about the nuts and bolts of filmmaking and emerged six months later more than adequately equipped for entry level into the industry. Of course this will not happen without considerable further effort from myself - one of the most important lessons gleaned from this form of "fast track" learning is those that help themselves go further faster. Another factor is teamwork - those prepared to "muck in" and put ego aside also tend to find that things fall into place a lot easier. It's all in the attitude. I'll remember my time at FTI with much fondness and appreciation - their instructors and staff were (and still are, as I retain a healthy post-graduation relationship) always knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and instructive. A true "incubator" environment and one I will keep returning to time and again to continue to develop the mysterious art of networking!
Robert Castiglione Former Student, 20-Oct-2003
I had an excellent and fun time at FTI and still do as I retain my connection with the school. The filmmaking course is still in its infancy but has made a great start. You get to make a doco and (if you are good enough) a longer drama. As well, you crew on many other productions. This proved a very intense experience. The course is very practically oriented. When I started, I knew nothing about film making. A year later, I am having an excellent time working on several docos and a drama. The course teacher is a very committed and able film maker who imparts his passion for film making to his students. The great thing is that you retain your contact with the school and can always drop in to meet other film makers and get advice/support. I know this sounds like my acceptance speach for my first oscar but I would like to thank my mother and FTI ( ... really).
Anon Former Student, 02-Aug-2003
FTI is a small institution, rather disorganized and very much 'favour' oriented. I'll explain this. There is only one full time lecturer for their video production course. So if you're in his good books, he'll make your life there alot smoother. So politics in the new course(1 year old) is rife with backstabbing, negative goss and plenty of sucking up. The materials are shallow and not enough time spent on them. Good thing is you get to shoot a 4 minute documentary. But you have to pitch for the 8 minute drama. So that's when sucking up comes in handy. Facilities are old and sometimes not working. Best camera they have is an XL1. And there's only one available for student's use(they have only a total of 2). There are much better film institutions out there.

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