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Biola University

La Mirada, United States

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Mass Communication
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, California 90639-0001
United States

Tel. +1 562 903 6000
Email. via the contact form

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Courses Offered
Unknown (add info)

Directing (Fiction), Cinematography (Digital), Editing, Producing (Film), Producing (Television), Production Management, Screenwriting

Camera Formats Used
MiniDV, Pro DV (DVCAM/DVCPRO), HDV, HDCAM/HDTV, 16mm, 35mm, Other

Post-Production Systems Used
Avid, Avid (High End), Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, ProTools

Average Age of Equipment
2 - 5years

Reviews of Biola University

John Burge Current Student, 30-Apr-2004
The first thing that must be made clear is that Biola is not a film school. One would not come here for total immersion into a "Christian USC," complete with $50,000 16mm camera package and state-of-the-art post-production equipment. The school has roughly a combined 5,000 students, undergraduate and graduate, and most of the money to run the school comes from tuition. What one would come here for is the things that life, reflected in films, is all about. The emphasis on community is incredibly strong. The teachers here (for the most part - I cannot speak for all of them) care about their students, and encourage them in their work and craft. And while for several years Biola has not had a strong interest in creating a solidly-equipped program, things are changing; within the past year the school has hired a new head of the Mass Communication. He has created a new curriculum, reorganizing the program into a Film/Television/Radio Major with three emphases for those interested in feature films: Screenwriting, Production, and Media Management (for those interested in the business side of the industry). While far from the perfect school, it is probably one of the better choices for people who realize that life does exist outside of the movies.
Thatcher Kelley Current Student, 30-Apr-2004
Biola University's Film program is one that is up and coming among other small and large Film schools such as Azusa Pacific and USC. The learning environment is high energy and fit for learning the trade of filmmaking. Major steps have been taken and continue to be taken to improving the school in its curriculum as well as equipment and facilities. There is a great connection with the filmmaking industry in teachers, speakers and internship positions. Not only is it an excellent school for teaching the basics of film and helping students get a foot in the door to professional filmmaking, but it incorporates an understanding of God and the Bible and how he interacts with popular culture and the film industry. It teaches you how to have an impact within the industry as well as the culture through the film medium. I recommend it to anyone who wants an invaluable experience in learning the art of film and discover what God is doing in the industry and how he can use you.
dasFowler Current Student, 30-Apr-2004
Biola's Radio/Television/Film department is not perfect. It, in fact, is far from it. That said, I don't think there are many schools offering what Biola has. First of all, Biola, while a conservative Christian college, is currently an open forum for discussions of the Big Ideas, and many representatives from many sides currently stake a claim at Biola. While students are expected to live morally acceptable lives, the rules are simple enough to follow to some extent. The department itself is headed by knowledgeable and passionate faculty. Funding is low because Biola actually believes in something, and, thus, cannot get state funding, but what these people do with little money is beyond belief. The department is growing in quality without bowing to quantity. Under the new head of Craig Detweiler even more change is in the wind. Any criticisms lie not in knowledge of film, but in the standard or morality and virtue Biola and many of its students hold to and the system of beliefs that push many Biolans on towards excellence. Not perfect. Yet.
Bryon Willett Current Student, 29-Apr-2004
Biola University is located near the heart of the film making industry, making it an ideal gateway for students interested in receiving an education in this art. The experience at Biola’s film program is enhanced by its professionally active faculty members and the high level of "intern" and job placement positions made available to serious film students. Apart from the dynamic and practical film-related courses offered through the department, students at Biola also receive the lifelong benefits of an education rooted in the truths of the Bible. Being a Christian Liberal Arts college, film students at Biola have the opportunity to become equipped with the skills and integrity needed to be competent, reliable, and productive members of the industry.
Tony Joo Former Student, 11-May-2003
Biola is a Christian university that emphasizes biblical truth. And their film program is more than a waste of your time. It is a waste of your money and your life. I would not recommend Biola University to even my enemies. I would hate for them to bear such inhumane torture from such a terrible institute. Go to Biola University if and only if you are the type to enjoy reading the Bible every single day, praying ridiculous amounts of hours, while claiming that morality is the greatest end of all ends. Filmmaking at Biola is at best secondary learning for you Bible-freaks. The day a famous/renowned filmmaker comes from Biola University is the day of post-Tribulation, where even toddlers will probably understand the complexities of film...

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