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Shoot! Practical Videography School

Quezon City, Philippines

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#77 Llanar Building, Xavierville Avenue
Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila 1105

Tel. +63 (02) 239 4464
Email. via the contact form

Are foreign students accepted?

Courses Offered
Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses,

Animation, Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects,

Camera Formats Used

Post-Production Systems Used

Average Age of Equipment
Less than 2 years

Reviews of Shoot! Practical Videography School

Marc Peralta Former Student, 07-Nov-2018
Practical and progressive film school, excellent mentors, and vibrant community of videographers, film editors & film makers. So proud to be one of their student/alumni. Direk EJ Mijares, creative and well experienced mentor who is willing to teach more than what we pay for, more than expected and more than what they offer. I actually use my documentary course on my Job that's been ask by my superiors. Shoot school teaches resourceful film making that is not base on your gears but actually on the skills that they will enhance along the way. Thank you shoot school if ever I find time again, I'll enroll again for another learning experience in making film. Thank you also for the friendly co-mentors and staff. Cheers!
Jonathan John CLegg Fusilero Former Student, 07-Nov-2018
My Film Directing is about to pay-off because of this school where I had my Think Like A Film Director workshop. A very comprehensive way of teaching the students. Skills and knowledge boost up more when I did a Sit-In for the second time. Learning doesn't stop from anywhere.
AJ Lakilak Former Student, 07-Nov-2018
I took a short course with them called "Think Like a Director," and in the course we learned about camera handling, composition techniques, and storytelling tricks. The instructors were highly knowledgable. They really knew what they're doing. They pushed us to think creatively and consider every tiny detail that goes into directing a film. They gave lots of examples, the activities were effective in helping us apply the concepts we've learned, and overall the atmosphere is light and beginner-friendly. Giving this film school five stars! Try it. Just ready yourself for the four flights of stairs lol
Prince Mark Anthony Florante Former Student, 07-Nov-2018
I enrolled in this school because I want to learn the basic of editing, and yes after the two day class, wow.. I learned more than I expect, I learned not just a basic at little advanced too. The mentor, Sir EJ is very accomodating in all our questions. SHOOT School is very recommended to everyone who wants to learn videography and editing, even from zero knowledge up to the refresher and professionals..
Alvin Jiao Former Student, 07-Nov-2018
Shoot! Practical Videography school is an excellent choice if you want a hands-on and pocket-friendly way of learning about the different usage of cameras, programs and/or any videography topic currently trending in the market. You may be intimidated at first by the number of days that comes along with the training but once you experience the learning, you will yearn for more. A hands-on experience where beginners such as myself will feel comfortable at the end and will also result in not only gaining experience but connections through your new peers. The class will be small enough to be effective and the pace is slow enough for everybody to not feel pressured. If you want to learn the ways of the videography and doesn't know where to start? Begin your journey with EJ and Shoot! Practical videography school. I'm glad i started mine.

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