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Asian Academy of Film & Television

Noida , India

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Marwah Studios Complex FC-14/15
Film City
Noida , Uttar Pradesh 201301

Tel. +91 120 2515254
Email. via the contact form

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Reviews of Asian Academy of Film & Television

Tushar Current Student, 13-May-2015
Its the BEST Film & and Media Institute I am currently studying here for Masters Awesome Faculty Good Infrastructure Everyday you will find new things to learn We get interactive session/lecture/seminar with Guest From Bollywood & and Media Industry College fest are very innovative different than any other film college Its Professional Film Institute For Dedicated and Hard working learner
Rahul Mahajan Former Student, 12-May-2015
I am a passout of the 2013 batch and i must say this school took me to places in terms of equipment studios and faculty , the academic and admin team is helpful , lots is being done from the top management to make this come on the top and it shows my personal suggestion for this school is that it should improve the housing facilities
sagarika Former Student, 05-Nov-2014
Ilthis college sucks no studies thousands of problems I have wasted 3 months in this collage n m completely pissed off n when I came to take back my original documents they are demanding for more n more money...they take ur original documents so that you cn go nowhere and even if you dnt want to study here you are forced to do so..the Director of the collage has no manners how to talk to someone....if you want to waste you time and money go ahead..
ram Former Student, 19-Nov-2013
If you are rich & just to spent some money go to this school.actually you cannot learn anything from here the only thing if you want to get into films is if have some good contacts in the film industry.this schools doesnt help you to get into industry. Verdict: i am a alumni from this school i deeply regrest wasting my time & money.
Anjan Baidya Former Student, 08-Sep-2010
I am proud of My Institution because I was a 41 Batch Student of this World Class Institute.I am very glad and greatful to my all AAFT Teachers. Specialy Sandeep Marwah and Haris Vardhan, Raj Narayan Bisaria (EX- BBC station Director)& Pream Chand Aryea & Satish Garg Sir.They made me for the Film Industry. After Complete my Course I got the chance to work with Hollywood Film Director. I shall always representative of this Institute. Undoubtly AAFT is the World Class Film & Television Institute in India. I shall tell the any student who would like to learn in Filmmaking & Television Production He/ She can admit in AAFT. No doubt This this the World class Institute. Hope Within Short time This institute will be the best of the world for its out standing work.
Raghav Seth Former Student, 29-Sep-2008
I think the best place to learn films and tv is noida film city AAFT - the quaility just keeps improving , I heard it was okay but when I enrolled I realized how good it was I was there for 1.5 years I could see changes being done every quarter ...lots of equipment added , infrastructure and quality of faculty be it local or international kept improving , few workshops by film walas from Bombay ...very personalized training , I strongly suggest this school as by when you read this message AAFT would have improved and climbed few more steps ... crowd is decent n smart...all the best and happy filming
Jon Harris Former Student, 01-Jul-2008
My experience was just great . The best part of the school is that they upgrade themselves every 3-6 months,so if you passed out even a year back and you come back to the school you will find a difference from the equipment to infrastructure etc Frankly speaking what attracted me the most to the school before i joined was the the alumni.They have done some good work and continue to do so. plus AAFT has been there since so many years ...the teachers have lot of experience . The dean mr kalyaan sarkaar is a great man and a superb teacher.Im his fan. The 16/35mm camera workshop with him was one of the greats! Also during my study time at AAFT lot of visiting faculty used to be present, like i remember I attended one of the lectures of a NYU tisch school of arts teacher on mobile cinema in the campus..was great. Lots like him come often from india and rest of the world so exposure is great. and OFCOURSE INDIA is a great place to be in at this time!
Gurdeep Singh Former Student, 16-May-2008
Ofcourse , I am working in the Indian Film Industry since years now after passing out from AAFT , I have worked as chief Assistant Director in Gandhi My Father , Don and did lot of projects ...hoping to direct soon !!! My Regards to AAFT and its faculty - cheers
davod Former Student, 29-Feb-2008
Please Please don`t go.just name of some big film stars pictures are dispalyed to attract the students. teaching and value for money is not what you get here rather sheer waste of one precious year out of your life but nothing else. donot think of joining it untill if you wants to while away your time. it was a sheer disappointmnet.
sumit khanna Former Student, 19-Oct-2007
i had saving of mine for past three years to join a film school.just name of anil kappor and shridevi ,big film stars pictures are dispalyed to attract the students. teaching and value for money is not what you get here rather sheer waste of one precious year out of your life but nothing else. donot think of joining it untill if you wants to while away your time. it was a sheer disappointmnet
RISHI KAPOOR Former Student, 07-Oct-2006
AAFT is one of the most successful media institute who provides excellent faculty and the best infrastructure in the world. I'm a former student of this institute. I had completed my 1 year course in TV journalism and communication. Now I'm working in WNT Softlabs Limited as a media manager. I had completed my course on 23 September 2006.
Mamta S Former Student, 05-Jun-2006
nice to read various reviews on AAFT.For me was a good learning experience.Need based courses.I learnt alot in the 35mm workshop right after my short term course in camera.
Karma Tshering Former Student, 29-Mar-2006
I am the first Bhutanese student to take a diploma course in Production and Direction of Film and Television from AAFT. I have also been trained in AudiovisuaI Technology from Okinawa International Center in Japan in 2000. I have so far done six feature length films and several short documentary films in Bhutan. I have been awarded the best director award in 2000 during the first Bhutanese Film festival held in the capital city, Thimphu. I have also been awarded best director in 2003 for the film "6 boys", a true story about six young boys getting lost in the high Himalayas for 12 days without food and water. I have also worked in Bollywood production "Badhai ho Badhai" as a trainee assiatant director. This great opportunity to work in a Bollywood mainstream has been offered to me by AAFT. I am now working on a four year dance preservation project in Bhutan (2005-2008), a 5 million dollar collaboration project between the Bhutanese government and Honolulu Academy of Arts, USA. I am the director for production. We will also be producing a feature film on dance as its main theme financed by the project by the end of this year with major crews from the west. I will be writing the script and directing. At the moment I am in US on a film researh cum study trip for 45 days. I have been 5 days in London visiting studios and facilities, 14 days in Chicago, 5 days in New York, 3 days in Florida and 14 days in Atlanta where I will be sellecting the director of photography and sound man etc. for the upcoming film. In California, I will again be visiting some film studios and other facilities before I go back home to Bhutan. This is a technical tour and I am learning a lot travelling around the world.I was also awarded the life membership of International Film and Television Club by Professor Sandeep Marwah on the 16th Feb. 2006 at the AAFT. This is a great honor for me and it is the gift of my love and dedication to AAFT without whom I will not be what I am today.
Shashi Former Student, 03-Mar-2006
I attended the one year program ,it was a great learning experience the faculty is very helpful and ready to sit down with your script provided you are serious about your project .
Karan Former Student, 03-Mar-2006
Great teachers and very professional they have the experience of the industry and the best part is the facilities for the students keep on increasing every month .
Amaro Former Student, 16-Nov-2005
DO NOT COME HERE! Editing is so basic, with poor teaching. Only Adobe. For the three month people, you'll only have a chance of one day to do your film, in video of course. There's no chance to even see a super 8mm film camera. Fees are so expensive, food is disgusting, and you'll feel the waste of time during lessons. If they're Indians, the lessons will be taught in Hindi and English, already lost half a day. Please don't come here, I came from Spain, and you'll have to rent the material if you want to use it. For example, 3 o'clock, you are free. You want to edit in the editing room. You have to pay 800 Rupees per hour of rent. What kind of a University is that?
Rene Former Student, 29-Jul-2005
Just to enlighten you all. I am a former student of AAFT. Many infos on this site are wrong including the mention of cameras like 16mm and 35mm. I haven't seen a single such camera while attending the school. They use Betacam or PD 150. The editing system is only adobe premiere. Some visiting faculty members are alright. Otherwise the school is a complete waste of time and money. Unprofessional teaching methods.
Sanjay Current Student, 17-Jun-2005
If you are looking for basic knowledge, I think the three and six month courses are ok I guess, because the fees are reasonable. But for the masters and bachelors courses, the faculty members are film industry rejected people - those people who couldn't make it in Bollywood they are teaching here. All of them teach you that filmmaking is figuring out a formula and its just commercial thing no creativity. And all Mr. Marwa, the director, does is praise Kapoors (as he is the brother-in-law of Anil Kapoor). And this institution is also not yet recognised by the Indian government. Having said all this, it does have a wonderfull library and students who studied here are working in indusrty. It all depends on how you spend your time if you get in - by getting frustrated with the fact they are teaching nothing or by figuring out how to use the time productively and using the given reasouces in a better way!!!
Saurabh Rehani Current Student, 02-Nov-2003
The first private film institute of India, the first ISO certified institute, is now the first film university of India - University of Media Arts. With its 6 state of the art studios and, the institute has been churning out serious filmmakers for the last 10 years.
Mohit Current Student, 18-May-2003
this film school is providing world class training ,with the latest equipment and making around 120 training films in a period of 3 months which no film institute in the WORLD CAN EVEN THINK OF.
Akshay Current Student, 18-May-2003
the fee for the course is peanuts ,its been only 10 years and 2600 students have passed out it has won 85 awards in 10 years .it is the first iso certified film school in the world.

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