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FrameForge 3D Studio

By Innoventive Software, LLC

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Real previsualization and visual design are now available to all moviemakers. This is way beyond static storyboarding.

Directors/Filmmakers: Imagine a virtual 3D set in your computer where you drag'n'drop hills, trees, posable actors, cars, snap-together walls, furniture, and what-all. Then, fully control up to eight cameras to find the best angles or shots to depict a story moment. Then, record that moment to get an image of the shot(s), complete blueprint(s) of the set with camera position(s), WITH the camera settings it had (height, angle of view, and focal length) to get it. Take a storyboard like that to your cast and crew and they'll know exactly how to get what you're going for! It's a direct link of your vision to the outside world. With a shot by shot storyboard from FrameForge 3D Studio you have the stepping stones that lead to smooth production.

Writers: Imagine replacing the 3x5 cards you've pinned up on your office wall with a series of FrameForge 3D shots that depict your scene as you envision it, containing the segment of your script that's associated with this scene. Who knows, you might just see something in your story you hadn't imagined!

Don't draw your storyboards. Direct them! Highlights:

• Props and characters move as easily as pieces on a chess board

• Complete Pose Control defines and stores exactly the pose you want

• Drag'ndrop set building with scalable walls, movable windows, doors that open, etc that can be stored for reuse in other projects

• Multiple Camera Views easily place, set and display multiple angles and shots

• Camera Movement Controls include Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Zoom, and Crane

• Shot Information includes camera height, angle of view, and zoom settings

• Stretch, flip, and tilt movement arrows and shot framing boxes

• Animatic playback of stored storyboard frames with duration and dissolve

• Storyboard shot to script display linking

• Export to HTML pages, JPEG Files, or Macromedia® Flash® Animation

System Requirements
Pentium III 350Mhz machine running Windows 95 or above, with 128 MB RAM (256MB RAM Recommended) and 65 MB Hard disk space. Macintosh: System 9.1 or higher, G3 processor 500mhz or higher, 256mb ram, 65mb hard disk space

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