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Video Hosting Site Quality Comparison

By Benjamin Craig  |  05-Nov-2009

If you're looking for somewhere to host your short film, there is now a plethora of options available, from the ubiquitous YouTube through to photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket, which have recently jumped on the video hosting bandwagon.

It certainly pays to "shop around" when it comes to quality encoding, as the results can very dramatically. On some sites, there is a risk that your HD masterpiece can become a nasty pixelated mess if their encoding systems are a bit substandard or your film contains a lot of movement in the frame. The first shot of one of our old short films was given the slow-mo treatment by YouTube's encoding system!

So kudos must go out to Karel Beta for creating the Video Embedding Comparison Site which provides a side by side comparison the encoding quality of each of the main video hosting sites out there at the moment. Check it out:

» Video Embedding Comparison Site

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