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One Fat Cigar Launch Competition

By Benjamin Craig  |  22-Oct-2009

By the end of October, One Fat Cigar, a new website for up-and-coming and professional film makers is launching. To announce the launch the guys at OFC are doing an exclusive promotion with, to give away 10 premium memberships prior to the launch of the site and giving customers a first opportunity to take a look at the site. To learn more about One Fat Cigar, see below, and read their blog.

To win one of the 10 premium membership for 1 year, please write to us explain why you'd like to win membership to the site! The best and most-creative explanations will win.

About One Fat Cigar
The site a brand new movie website connecting people who love film, to people who make films. It is a "Facebook for Film" meets IMDB. One Fat Cigar offers the unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes on movie productions as they happen, instead of waiting for the DVD– in real time- updated by the film maker themselves, and not by third party researchers.
One Fat Cigar's ambition is to have the latest hot content first, before anyone else – from both independent and major productions, as well as smaller short films, and television series – providing the perfect marketing tool for film makers.

Go behind the scenes on international movie productions from Day 1 of script to the final day of post-production, and follow the making of the movie as it happens. Filmmakers and their crew, actors, support and marketing staff are able to provide a film production diary and video blog through the film, thus, providing a unique insight into the film making process. This might include on-set interviews, action sequences, stunts, trailers, location scouting, casting auditions, and regular video blogs from members of the crew from the Director and The Cinematographer to the Cast and the Set Designers. All the time the production is building and growing a dedicated fan base of followers.

This is a first for a website – where Producers can develop and market their productions first-hand, creating an intimate bond between the Producer, Director, Actor or Crew member and their audience – while maintaining a level of privacy for the individuals concerned. This is the first site where film lovers can understand the thought processes behind the production, and find out more about the personal side of film making, rather than the PR and gloss associated with the release of the film.
Film makers and Casting Directors can even cast and crew their project through the site, recruiting new talent, with or without agents, and giving the film lover a fantastic opportunity to see as each project adds new members through pre-production, shooting and post.

The site already has a growing fan base and reputation, with hundreds of members already signed up to its Facebook page.

One Fat Cigar will be released in different stages: Stage One is for up-and-coming film makers/actors/writers seeking their first big break and to build a fan base for their work. In a few months, Stage 2 will be released and support Professional Film Makers and Production Companies seeking to do exactly the same but with promotional and casting tools designed specifically for professional use.

Professional Film Makers and Production Houses are being asked to register their interest early to benefit from launch promotions.

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