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AI Helps Up Scale 1896 Lumiere Brothers Film to 4K 60fps

By Benjamin Craig  |  05-Feb-2020

Still from the Lumiere Brothers' L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat

Using a pair of publicly-available enhancement tools, artist Denis Shiryaev was able to take one the Lumeire Brothers' most famous early works and present a convincing UHD version.

The original footage, captured on the Lumiere's pioneering cinematograph, was shot near their photographic factory in Paris in 1896. It achieved fame after its early presentations, as it was for many of the audience, the first time they had seen photorealistic moving pictures. This resulted in many people at the screenings move to quickly get out of the way of what they thought was an approaching train.

Read more about the tools and techniques used by Shiryaev in this excellent piece at Engadget.

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