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SeeFlik Offers Biannual Filmmaking Competition... With Cash Prizes!

By Benjamin Craig  |  04-May-2012

In recent times there certainly hasn't been any shortage of filmmaking competitions with cash prizes. However this has largely been driven by marketing agencies and their big brand clients, who realised a while back that there's a huge talent pool out there hungry for exposure. And the fact that it comes dirty cheap... well that's a bonus really.

So it's refreshing to see SeeFlik, a new platform offering competitions and exposure, without the 'exploitation' element that seems to come with many of these other competitions. According to it's own PR, "SeeFlik holds a variety of contests for cash prizes throughout the year for filmmakers across America to showcase their work and help them build an online presence." The main event is the Short Film Competition, which runs twice a year and currently has $15,000 worth of prizes on the table. SeeFlik also runs a number of smaller short-term contents which are primarily focussed on the news and cultural events du jour.
At present only residents of the US are eligible for SeeFlik's competitions, which is a shame in the days of an ultra-connected world, but we'd hope to see this restriction lifted as the platform matures.

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