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Greeting Cards for Movie People

By Benjamin Craig  |  17-Apr-2012

For when a regular greeting card just isn't right, Joan Philo has created a range of cards with filmmaking themes to allow you to congratulate everyone on your team.

Joan describes the history of her idea:

"Five years ago I was searching for the perfect card to give out at the wrap of 'Stranger Than Fiction.' I searched and I searched, but just couldn't find that perfect card. So, I figured, hey, why not make 'em? I grabbed the talented illustrator Roderick De Jesus, a very groovy young man, and whispered my ideas in his ear, and handed over my sketches. I wanted glamour and decadence, humor and fun. Roderick wielded his paintbrush and voilà–magic! To the gypsies of Film, to my fellow crew, and to all the amazing directors, actors, producers out there, I present, The Darling Series."

For more information and to buy online, visit

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