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'The Hobbit', Shooting with 48(!) RED Cameras... at 48fps

By Benjamin Craig  |  09-Nov-2011

Peter Jackson has released the fourth instalment of his Production Diaries from the set of 'The Hobbit'. In this edition, Peter discusses the approach to shooting the film in 3D using no less than 48 individual RED Epic cameras, and shooting at 48 frames per second.

Watch the video diary on Peter's Facebook page.

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Dave 23-Feb-2012

Im sorry man but a 3D Reality Show is a horrible idea. First off very very few people have those over priced super overrated 3D TVs. They only look good straight on and if your at all of an angle it will look horrible. Second Reality shows have no need at all for 3D. They have nothing that would actually look entertaining in 3D. They are about drama not visuals and they are reality show, meaning anything can happen. You have to plan a lot for 3D heavy shots. I wouldn't waste your time with it man. you going to waste a lot of money making a pilot that no one will even look at when you tell them 3d reality show. They will laugh at you and you'll be out 10 grand. Talk about depressed.

Brad Lison 21-Feb-2012

I first heard about this on and was amazed then, and still amazed.... Every time i watch this stuff I get stoked to see what the future will bring us in 3D. I'm trying to launch my first 3D reality show... we'll see how it goes haha... 2 reds are bit out of my budget right now for a pilot :(

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