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An Innovative Approach to Royalty-Free Music and Sound FX for Your Project

By Benjamin Craig  |  08-Aug-2011

The web is awash with purveyors of low-cost, royalty free music and sound effects libraries, at almost every level of quality. It's therefore hard to cut through the crowd to find quality clips, tunes, and samples which suit your project and aren't going to break the bank in the process.

A relative new-comer on the scene, JewelBeat has taken flexible and somewhat innovative approach to make a splash in this crowded marketplace. Price is always going to be the single most important factor for lower-budget productions and their spend on pre-recorded sound and music. Jewelbeat's approach starts with a normal approach at 99c (USD) for a track, however their a la carte offering is matched with two interesting products: JewelStick and JewelDisk. Both are sound and storage solutions in one, with Stick offering curated sets of music around certain moods and themes and provided on a USB stick; and Disk which offers significantly more tracks in 'mini' (100 CDs worth) and 'maxi' editions (30,000+ tracks). Both Stick and Disk also come with a monthly subscription option to give you access to a huge music library without the upfront cost.

For more information, visit JewelBeat .

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Dan-O | 09-Nov-2011

Yes, JewelBeat is great and one of the places refer people to when they can't find what they need at my royalty free music site.


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