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Trailer Festival 2011 Now Accepting Submissions

By Benjamin Craig  |  18-Jan-2011

As a general rule, we don't do coverage of film festival calls for entry as there are just too many festivals out there, but in the case of The Trailer Festival, we're going to make an exception as there is a great filmmaking upside to this event.

The first Trailer Festival took place in June 2010 and the audience was exclusively industry, including Fox, Disney, Paramount and PBS.

The trailers were then uploaded to an Online Screening Room and according to the organisers, they have received 75 requests from Hollywood managers, producers and distributors for DVDs and scripts, with 4 deals and 1 script optioned so far. Sales will continue until June 2011.

Submissions for the second event (2011) are now open, and early bird fees are on offer. Check out or connect via one of the multitude of other ways:

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