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Competition - make a part of Stephen Gyllenhaal's next film

By Benjamin Craig  |  08-Nov-2010

Here's an unusual twist on the "get a filmmaker to make us a commercial for free" fad that seems to be sweeping the marketing and PR business at the moment: create an infomercial for director Stephen Gyllenhaal's next film!

Here's the lowdown from their press release:

GRASSROOTS Director, Stephen Gyllenhaal is passionate about indie filmmaking and wants to give you a chance to get in on the action!

GRASSROOTS is teaming up with legendary direct marketing company, GUTHY-RENKER to bring you an opportunity to win a chance to create your own infomercial! Your video could feature in his upcoming movie GRASSROOTS starring Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore!

GRAND PRIZE: *The winning video be featured in a scene in the movie GRASSROOTS *The winner will be given a screen credit on the film *The winning video will appear in the EPK for the film *The winning video will be posted on the GRASSROOTS website Go to the GRASSROOTS facebook page or website to enter for your chance to win!!

Submit a unique and entertaining, 30 seconds to 2 minute infomercial for a product that suits the time period (early 2001) of this quirky comedy. The product can be real or imaginary, as long as it is not a specific brand or does not infringe on any copyright laws. Your video must be suitable for all audiences. BE CREATIVE. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

THE FINALISTS will be selected by YOU and YOUR FRIENDS, along with a panel of judges made up of marketing and production experts from GUTHY-RENKER and members of our own cast and crew!

The 5 videos with the most fan votes will become finalists and be featured on the GRASSROOTS website. Fans can vote once a day so get your video up early and tell ALL your friends to vote and help YOU win! Additional finalists will be chosen at random by our judges during the voting process so keep checking back. You never know when one of our judges will pick YOUR video to join the list of finalists!!!

THE WINNER will be selected from the group of finalists by director Stephen
Gyllenhaal, who will call to notify the winner personally.

The contest will run from October 14, 2010 until December 1, 2010.

For more information go to or

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