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Product placement app launches, promotes 'scripts first' policy

By Benjamin Craig  |  28-Oct-2010

A new web app for product placement has launched, with a different take on how product placement deals can be approached. Product Place Me, founded by Rex Riepe, co-founder of Presskit'n and HootCourse, seeks to take on bad product placement with a "scripts first" policy.

The web app works as a simple mailing list which puts filmmaker-submitted placements in front of advertisers. By only accepting concrete, already-in-the-script placements, Product Place Me ensures that placements follow the script, instead of scripts being written around a placement.

The initial version of the app includes a signup page for advertisers and a submission page for filmmakers.

Especially important for struggling filmmakers: Product Place Me is completely free. Submissions don't even require a signup.

In addition to traditional film placements, Product Place Me also has categories for TV, video games, celebrity wear and events.

About Product Place Me

Product Place Me connects filmmakers with advertisers for product placement opportunities.

Founded in 2010 by Rex Riepe, the free web app aims to make product placement better with a "Scripts first" policy.

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