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Phillips and Ridley Scott challenge filmmakers to 'Tell It Your Way'

By Benjamin Craig  |  27-Jul-2010

Phillips are currently running a global competition giving aspiring filmmakers the chance to have their work judged by Ridley Scott!

Phillips have taken a leaf out of the BMW marketing cookbook and commissioned a series of short films, called Parallel Lines, to help promote the cinematic qualities of their new range of high-end TVs. Five films were produced by directors in the Ridley Scott Associates fold, and the competition involves producing a sixth film to round out the series. The five short films, released on, are part of a cinematic project whereby each director created a film in a different genre, with a different storyline, but all following the same six line dialogue.

Competition entries are open to anyone globally and should be submitted via the official Philips Cinema YouTube channel. Entries close at midnight 8 August 2010. Three rounds of judging will be held including public voting via YouTube. Finalists will be judged on criteria including creative storytelling, use of dialogue, and technical achievement. The top ten finalists will be selected by RSA directors and British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) Chairman, David Parfitt. The overall winner will be selected from the top five finalists by Sir Ridley Scott himself and gains a week's work experience at RSA.

Runners up prize packages include an invitation to a RSA film premiere in London or New York including travel, accommodation; and a number of Philips Cinema 21:9 Televisions.

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Older Comments

Grimviewer 28-Aug-2010

I totally disagree with the above.I watched a good number of the unselected films and they were tedious,unimaginative and boring.These 10 are the best of the bunch.The producer/director who whined is sore because he didn;t get into the top 10...failed artists always get bitchy.

Luvamre 23-Aug-2010

Sadly, I was stunned by the selections of the judging. There are entries that are seriously well done films and were simply overlooked. The top ten finalists were chosen by David Parfitt. Apparently, David is so very "politically correct". His selections look amateurish at best and his failure to recognize better films is embarrassing. One of the director/producers blogged "glad my film was not chosen, it would have been embarrassing to be associated with RSA and Phillips and their group of ten".

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