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How can I make my own "SteadiCam"?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

To make your own steadycam is quite easy and can be quite cheap. The following websites have comprehensive guides to making your own steadycam.

Check out the the following websites:

Answer by Jake Iesu,  |  Last updated 20-Mar-2005


Older Comments

Dan  |  15-Dec-2009
I tried to make my own steadicam and it didn't quit work out for me. So I searched around and stumbled across the Cam caddie scorpion. I bought one, and I really like it. It gets great shots. Dan
Jason B  |  26-Dec-2007 This site has by far the best home-built steadycam deign on the web. check it out.
Will  |  01-Sep-2007
For ultra low budgets or those with little mechanical skill, try putting the camera on a tripod with the legs unextended. Then, carry the tripod by the legs, placing the pan arm on your shoulder. This method does a pretty good job of stabilising the camera's movement.
Jessica Winkler  |  06-Apr-2005
My friend has a quick (not the best but it works) solution for stablizing camera. Get a long peice of yarn (drag on the floor long!) and tie it to a stable part of the camera. Then just step on it and pull up tight, on the camera while filming im not exactly sure how well this works while walking.But its a good substitute if your doing something like a pan shot and you can adjust it to your likeing.