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Location Scout

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

A location scout is a person that reads the script for a film and goes about finding appropriate locations for shooting. Scouting locations may be a simple as doing local reconnaissance or be as complex as tripping all over the world in the search for the perfect location. Budget will of course dictate how much work a location scout will do.

In addition to finding locations with the right ‘look’ a location scout must also find locations that a feasible for a film crew to use. A beautiful desert location may look good, but if it is hundreds a miles from civilisation, it could be no good to the logistics of a film shoot. Similarly, a beautiful castle may be right for the film, but if it is located next to an airport or motorway, then sound is going to be a problem. Location scouts must consider a wide range of issues when choosing a film location.

The best way to employ a location scout is to use one of the many companies that specialise in this field. These companies already have many resources at their disposal and can often recommend suitable locations without having to send someone there.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 24-Nov-2004