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How do I go about finding out which agent represents a specific actor?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

You've seen them on screen, you want that talent! But how do you actually go about getting in touch to convince them that your baby is the next best thing?

Probably the easiest way is to get in contact with the relevant actors union in your country. They will most likely be able to tell you who the actor’s agent is, dependent of course on the actor in question being a member (and if you’ve seen them before, they probably are). In the US, contact the Screen Actors Guild or AFTRA; the UK, Equity; or in Australia, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

Another good resource is the Internet Movie Database. Many of the regular listings include information about the actor's representation, and the IMDBPro service (subscription required) has a great deal more information. Another pay service is operated by Who Represents?, a web site for locating agents by actor, or actors by agent. For British actors, Spotlight is almost definitive, but sadly isn't that cheap to subscribe to.

In countries other than the USA, you might also have some joy getting in touch with your regional or national government film office, particularly if you are interested in details for a local star.

Of course, if you engage a casting director for your project, they will have all of the necessary contacts to find out who represents which actor.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 23-Nov-2004