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Can I record sync sound on Mini-Disc?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

MiniDisc is an excellent low-cost high-quality format on which to record your sound. Aside from it's obvious advantages of being a compact, editable digital format, MiniDisc has a remarkably constant speed which should prevent many sync problems experienced with other tape-based audio recording formats.

However, while MiniDisc might generally maintain a constant speed, the same can't be said for your camera equipment. If you are planning on using MiniDisc as your sound recording format, make sure you have some kind of device to keep your camera running at a constant speed (i.e. crystal motor, pilot tone generator etc) otherwise you will lose sync. To get the low down on the best MiniDisc models, visit the Sony or Panasonic websites.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 22-Nov-2004