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What good legal resources are out there?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

If you are looking for legal advice, the best place to start is with your lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, then you should not be attempting to make commercial films of any kind. Simple as that. There are now a few resources online to help you get started through this quagmire, however remember that most are only introductory and cannot replace the advice of a qualified expert in the media law field.

Entertainment Law Resources
Attorney and author Mark Litwak provides information to speed you along in understanding how to make good film, television and multimedia deals and how to take care of yourself legally after you have a deal. Buy Mark’s book now!

Media Lawyer
This site has the mouthful of a title - International Entertainment, Multimedia & Intellectual Property Law & Business Network but also is designed as a central reference point for helpful information to entertainment, multimedia, intellectual property and online professionals.

The Copyright Website
A great site aimed at providing real world, practical and relevant copyright information.

Copyright Clearance Centre
A useful organisation that helps you clear copyright protected works for use in your film.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 22-Nov-2004