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Where can I get royalty-free music for my film?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

One of the biggest obstacles for independent filmmakers who want great music in their films is the issue of royalties. If you are lucky enough to know someone who can knock up a good score for you, no problem, but for most a large amount of music is out of reach because you need to keep paying the composer and/or artists every time your film is shown.

There are a few organisations that have realised that there is a niche market for reasonably-priced, royalty-free music. A few places to start include:

Luke Hits - offers a range of tracks from new and independent musicians for use in film and television programs. Fees are involved but no royalties.

Opuzz Royalty Free Buyout Production Music Library - Downloadable royalty-free background music tracks and loops for TV, Radio, Film, Video, Animation, Multimedia, Flash, Games and Web productions.

A service set up by Pivotal Inc, is a very comprehensive collection of royalty-free music. The service has been designed from the point of view of people who need specific types of music for specific types of projects. Tracks are categorised according to mood and tone, as well as by more standard means such as artist, genre etc.

You might also want to check out the service provided by VersusMedia. They work with independent filmmakers on a commission-free basis to help find music for films, television programs, DVDs etc.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 17-Nov-2004


Older Comments

Alastair Cameron  |  06-Jul-2010
I am a composer and I offer loads of royalty free classical/instrumental tracks from my website At the moment I only charge £2 for any track for any use. I can also provide original music for films. Alastair
Chris Cardell  |  09-May-2010
Try (, an innovative new online marketplace for royalty-free music. has thousands of tracks of affordable, high-quality production music suitable for film, video, TV, radio, website, background music, on hold music and other business music applications. New music is being added every day. I am the co-founder.
Clarissa  |  03-May-2010
If you're looking for good music,you should check out They have lots of cool music and even soung effects for FREE downloads. Hope this helped :)
Capo  |  17-Mar-2010
Hi, I'm a music composer from Montreal Canada and I offer royalty free music, please visit my site for more information : Thanks Capo
Pete  |  05-Nov-2009
I will consider letting people use my music for little or no money. It's kind of folk/blues/indie and i have a couple of instrumentals. listen on (instrumental track on there is 'Chilled Out Blues') best way to get in touch is through my website i am a struggling musician so i understand about having low or no budget. i would be happy to swap the use of my music for some footage i could use in my music videos or for help in producing my videos, something along those lines.
Rubber Clown Car  |  21-Mar-2009
If anyone is looking for free indie pop-rock or power-pop music check out Rubber Clown Car @ Myspace. We'll be happy to send you our music in whatever format suits you best. Good luck with your films and hope to hear from you. Dirk Rubber Clown Car
Tim  |  10-Mar-2009
If you you don't want to pay any royalties and search for music which is completely exempt from rights of any Performance Rights Organization like ASCAP, BMI, PRS etc, then have a look at
Ben  |  15-Jan-2009
Try also the Music Tracks Library ( that offer quality royalty free music.
Bob  |  21-Dec-2007 is a Royalty Free Classical Music library offering Classical compilations, full tracks and loops with high quality previews and instant download MP3 or WAV
Allen Welty-Green  |  04-May-2007
Wouldn't it be better to find an aspiring composer willing to work for spec? There are thousands of people out there with home studios , piles of synths and samplers, and more than a smidge of talent looking for THEIR big break in film scoring (like ME, for instance)
Sarah  |  07-Jan-2007
For Classical music has a huge selection and there's always something new.
Henry  |  04-Oct-2006 has some great music (as well as backgrounds, elements, etc) for relatively low prices. Plus they're friendly/helpful.
Mattias  |  05-Mar-2006
You can also go to I've just put up some of my own music, it is a good match for both artists and filmakers. You preview songs without logging in, and download a song quickly if you want to pay for it. Both commercial and non-profit options are there too. You get the song without too many restrictions (you can't take it and put your own vocals on it). People are also able to post sound fx, which I did as well. Have a look. My link to
John Radford  |  05-Dec-2005
Great royalty free music and sound effects library
Loh  |  16-Oct-2005
Yes, I have used Opuzz and I would recommend to others needing royalty free music. Good selection and quality. Priced well.
Bob Richardson  |  11-Oct-2005
I run Royalty free music, loops, soundscapes, atmospheres and sound effects. Here you can find a blank cue sheet and cue sheet help. You only pay royalties or need a license if you are the broadcaster. The filmmaker or media creator pays nothing.
Productiontrax  |  05-Oct-2005
We have a relatively new site -- -- which caters directly to this solution. Our royalty free music library offers filmmakers and multimedia producers the opportunity to do what all other royalty free music libraries do not: access the world's largest network of composers, sound designers and musicians - all in one place - to create custom soundtracks and underscores. Please check us out! Thanks
Bob Richardson  |  13-Sep-2005
Try Musicsound.TV for Royalty free music. Full tracks and 30 second cuts. MP3 and WAV
Steve Knott  |  02-Jun-2005
Try here for quality royalty free music: Webtones Music