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Help! I can't capture video via Firewire in Adobe Premiere.

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

There are some known issues with the Texas Instrument drivers that are used by some firewire card chipsets that can cause problems when you try to capture video via a firewire connection. See the following documents at Adobe to resolve the problem:

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 15-Nov-2004


Older Comments

Deanne  |  15-Nov-2004
Had same problem with my Win98SE. Use PCI OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller. Update your driver and do NOT let windows find compatible driver. Go manually, select device... find your own driver (etc). Even if windows says "it's not the best driver for your hardware" - ignore it. It works. There could also be a conflict if you have another product by same manufacturer - different products = different drivers and if same company maker, they will use same code. Instead of creating new driver for new product... old driver (to other item) gets re-written or "updated"... oops! One-the other-or both can fall down and go boom if that happens. Also, one company has "admitted" to having a faulty chip on their 1394 card. There are others to try, keep your receipts - and backup always before adding anything new.