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What do the little letters mean after some people's names in the credits?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

The letters after some peoples' names generally notates membership of a professional society for their chosen craft area. More often than not, membership of these societies is by invitation only, so they are very prestigious. You can generally assume that if a person is a member of one of these societies, they have made a substantial contribution to their area of specialisation.

Casting Directors
C.S.A - Casting Society of America

A.S.C - American Society of Cinematographers
A.C.S - Australian Cinematographer's Society
B.S.C - British Society of Cinematographers
C.S.C - Canadian Society of Cinematographers
A.F.C - Association Française des Directeurs de la Photographie Cinématographique (France)

A.C.E - American Cinema Editors

Sound Technicians
C.A.S - Cinema Audio Society (Sound Mixers)
M.P.S.E - Motion Picture Sound Editors (Sound Editors)

p.g.a - Producers Guild of America

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 21-Feb-2005


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