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What is SMPTE?

Internet Filmmakers' FAQ

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is an international, award-winning technical society devoted to advancing the theory and application of motion-imaging technology including film, television, video, computer imaging, and telecommunications. The SMPTE currently serves over 8,500 members in 72 countries. Members of the Society are engineers, executives, technical directors, cameramen, editors, consultants, and specialists in film processing, film and television production and post-production, and practitioners from almost every other discipline in the motion-imaging industry.

The Society was founded in 1916, as the Society of Motion Picture Engineers. The T was added in 1950 to embrace the emerging television industry. The SMPTE is recognised around the globe as a leader in the development of standards and authoritative, consensus-based recommended practices (RPs) and engineering guidelines (EGs). The Society serves all branches motion imaging including film, video, and multimedia. To accomplish its educational goals, the SMPTE organises annual conferences as well as select educational forums, including seminars and tutorials. It also publishes the highly-respected SMPTE Journal, recognised around the world for its well-researched technical papers, tutorials, articles on practical applications, standards updates, and reports on SMPTE sections' activities.

More information about SMPTE can be found at their website.

Answer by Benjamin Craig  |  Last updated 17-Feb-2005