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accordi @ DISACCORDI - International Short Film Festival - 19th Edition

07-Nov-2022- 13-Nov-2022. Naples, Italy

accordi @ DISACCORDI - International Short Film Festival celebrates its 19th anniversary on November 7 - 13, 2022 in Naples - Italy and welcomes films and filmmakers from across the world, to share the art of independent short films with the local audience, to entertain and enlighten festival attendees, to provide filmmakers the opportunity for professional networking and development, and to encourage cultural tourism and film industry development in Naples and the surrounding area in Campania.

accordi @ DISACCORDI (Consonances and Dissonances) is an audience-friendly festival that focuses on quality programming of all genres from comedy to drama, animation to documentary, and art to experimental movies. We want to give a heightened sense of the experience to all who participate and attend.

Film Festival. Organised by Associazione MOVIES EVENT

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