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Tristan Rose

Sound engineer / automated dialogue replacement (ADR) recordist Tristan Rose started his audio career mixing live sound for bands, before joining Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS), initially as a runner, in 2000.

He divides his time between commercial, film and TV projects and has been responsible for some of the most acclaimed work of the past decade, in both fields.

In the commercial sphere, he has worked with both UK and international creative agencies, on campaigns for brands such as adidas, PlayStation, Sainsbury's, Homebase and Olay.

Through his ADR work, Tristan has been involved in projects such as the police drama "Line of Duty" series two, Charlie Brooker comedy "A Touch of Cloth", the Maggie Gyllenhaal epic "The Honourable Woman" and Golden Globe-tipped BBC drama series "The White Queen".

Aside from work, Tristan loves devouring box-sets, going to the theatre and watching episodes of archaeological documentary "Time Team".

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