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Donny Broussard

I got interested in film at the University of Louisiana, and graduated with a BFA in media. Using the Universities resources along with fellow filmmaker Jason Millet I directed the award winning short film "This Way to You." After college I worked as a production assistant for a while before starting my own production company Bigfoot Productions, and went on to direct and produce a number of corporate and political commercials as well as designing websites for local businesses.

I love to write and love movies so starting a film review site seemed like the logical thing to do, and thus my website was born. I'm a huge fan of the fun and outrageous films that came out of the 70's and 80's and would like to see today's filmmakers bring back good old fashioned entertainment. I also enjoy hanging out at Hooters with my good friend Pitcher of Beer, I find it relaxing and, like a good dose of fiber it keeps me regular.

Oh, and I also have a kick ass wife and two awesome kids.

I have 2 sites; and

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