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The Wysiwyg Team

Wysiwyg acquires independent content and distributes it through all reputable digital outlets. If you have bought a set-top-box, downloaded a DVD or streamed a show from any reputable service then the chances are that you already have access to Wysiwyg's quality content. This ranges from the Mike Leigh endorsed urban drama, 'The Plague', to the immensely popular Caribbean TV serial, 'Westwood Park'.

Wysiwyg has expanded its Digital Distribution Network (DDN) by signing output deals with the major download services, IPTV and P2PTV services Lycos, Raketu, Guba, LOVEFiLM, EZTakes, BitTorrent, Joining The Dots, BlipTV, ReelTime, Cinemanow, Azureus, Streamburst, Joost, Stage6, Brightcove and more, with a number of other deals in negotiation.

Wysiwyg accepts movies of all genres and lengths (features, shorts and documentaries), as long as it has a distinct narrative and high production values. To submit your film, please see the website for details.

What You See Is What You Get

For more insight into the death of piracy contact Katie Button at

For further information on Wysiwyg Films please visit our website at

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