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Michael P. Connelly

Michael P. Connelly is an author and award-winning independent filmmaker who has an undying passion to create films on his own terms. Working with very little money on all of his projects, Michael has created some unique movies that represent his multi-faceted creative abilities and his uncommon perspective. Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Animator, Cinematographer, and Editor are only a few of the jobs he takes on when he makes a film.

In 1998 Michael's film "Mike And The Magic Lamp" garnered several awards on the film festival circuit, including the much coveted Silver Award at the world renowned international film festival Houston Worldfest. This film was the launch pad for his career as an independent filmmaker, and he has been busy making alternative movies ever since.

His latest film titled "Angst And The Ice Age" is currently in the final stages of a four year production process. While he typically takes a relatively long time to make his films due to the budget constraints, they are always worth the wait. Michael plans to release this much anticipated latest movie on the film festival circuit in the fall of 2006.

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