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Michael Scullion


B.Ed., Certified Media 100 Editor, Adobe AFX. Michael possesses over 20 years experience in the fields of creating, writing, production, and editing. He is also a professional musician and composer for A&M Records. Michael has written and produced top award-winning commercials, as well as national television shows for children with YTV and adult television. He scored music for the Canadian television movie "Primo Baby" and is a winner of the Golden Sheaf Award. He has also produced and edited shows for the local market and has ten-years of experience in corporate and private video production.


2005 – Gobshite
2003 – Winner of "Best Commercial of the Decade" Big Rock Beer
2002 – Winner of "Best Commercial 2002" Big Rock Beer
2001 – Producer/Director "" (wrestling show)
2001 – Director TSN Mai Tai kickboxing
2001 – Directed 7 edited 26 episodes of "Stampede Wrestling" (A Hart family
2000 – Editor for "Filmography" , "The Movie Show" and "Screaming Room" for
Pyramid Productions for Movie Central.
2000 – Winner of "Best Commercial 2000" Big Rock Beer
2000 – Producer/Director of 52 episodes of "Pet Guys" Global TV
1999 – Writer/Director of 13 episodes of YTV Show, "Soccer Shortz"
1998 – Winner of "Best Commercial 1998" Big Rock Beer

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