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Anthony Cristiano

A passionate writer/filmmaker Anthony Cristiano earned his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto with a dissertation on contemporary Italian cinema. He conducts lectures at American and Canadian conferences, including coop centres and the National Film Board.

"A Revisitation of the Relationship between Creature and Creator in Nirvana by Salvatores," speaks of the new trends in the Italian cinema (Italica, Summer 2005). Works include: Infinitely Near (1999 Montreal World Film Festival), Sera di settembre (2001 Toronto Italian Film Festival), Intervalli chiaroscuri (2002 Bravo! New Style Arts Channel), The Laugh (2005 Toronto Festival of Italian Cinema; 25th Atlantic film Festival), and A Matter of Style (Fall 2005 VertexList Gallery Brooklyn, New York; 2005 Montreal Italian Film Festival). His latest book, The Graviton, is a collection of essays, narrative works, and scripts.

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