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I'd like to send you my press release and/or add you to my mailing list.

Frequently asked question for is of course interested in hearing about new products, services, and events which are related to the art and business of making films, particularly those targeted at new and independent filmmakers.

If your company or organisation falls into this category, please feel free to send us your press release or information pack via the contact form.

Please do not include email addresses on any mailing lists you operate without prior and explicit permission from us.

It's also worth noting that does not provide any publicity or promotional services for films or filmmakers. Press releases which cover the following topics should not be sent to, although you're welcome to post them to the News & Promos group in the Discussion area of the site).

Please do not send us press releases about:

  • film festival "call for entries"
  • film screenings
  • films or slates of films going into production
  • films or slates of films being released
  • project announcements for individual people
  • company appointments or hires
  • competitions which do not have a narrative or documentary filmmaking angle (e.g music video competitions)
  • awards bestowed on individuals or films
  • Crowd-funding campaigns to raise money for your film
  • any other type of release which is unlikely to be of interest to a new or independent filmmaker audience

Last updated 24-Mar-2021

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