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I work for a content marketing agency...

Frequently asked question for receives many enquires from people who work for what we'd loosely term 'content marketing agencies'. In most cases these enquires relate to a request for some form of collaboration which entails placing articles or other paid-for content on behalf of their clients.

We're not adverse to working with professional content marketing agencies, but we will only place content on the site which meets our content submission guidelines or advertising specifications. In practice, this means all content must be of good quality and directly relevant to a filmmaker audience. Please note that content targeted at film fans does not meet the latter criteria.

If you are a genuine, professional content marketing agency, please feel free to submit an outline of your proposal using our contact form. However, note that we will not respond to enquires from 'content marketing agencies' who use free email accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, etc). If you can't afford your own domain name, you probably aren't a content marketing professional.

Last updated 24-Mar-2021

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