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I'd like to write a guest post for your blog.

Frequently asked question for regularly publishes original articles and guest posts covering the broad spectrum of areas in the filmmaking process. We are always seeking content from new and established writes to feature on the site.

What are we looking for?
Articles on every aspect of making films. This includes:

  • how-tos and guides
  • reviews of filmmaking products
  • reviews/round-ups of broad filmmaking services
  • interviews with film practitioners
  • opinion pieces about the industry and/or sectors within it

Articles must be firmly focused on the making aspects of the film process and must cover their topic in reasonable detail. We're not looking for coverage of film releases, film reviews, or other content which is intended for movie fans. We also do not publish articles which are primarily intended to promote individual films or filmmakers, nor anything which is related to making music videos, corporates, or social media output.

A Note about SEO...

We are not adverse to considering articles which form part of an SEO strategy for another site, however we will only publish articles which have been written primarily to share relevant filmmaking information with our audience. Articles which are fluffy, poorly-written, off-topic, or so basic that they are condescending, will be rejected.

Please also note that we do not allow affiliate or other monetised links in guest posts.

What's in it for you? represents fantastic exposure for your work! Each article will be fully-credited and you have the option to have a full profile (with photo and link to your web site - click on Our Writers to see this in action) on

What do we need from you?

To submit an article for consideration, please email us with a brief synopsis of what the article is about. If we like the sound of it, we'll ask you to send over the following:

  • the text of your article, in digital format (MS-Word or plain text prefered)
  • any images that go with the article - sent as separate files (i.e. not embedded in your text document)
  • if you want a profile on the site... your bio, mugshot, and web site link.

We'll also ask you to agree to a couple of legal points as well. These are:

  • License. You retain all copyright in your work, however we need to you grant us a license to display your work on the site. Nothing tricky is needed here; you simply must be happy that, by the action of submitting your article to us, you agree to grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to display your work. In other words, the license is free (we aren't paying), it's perpetual (doesn't expire), and non-exclusive (you can use the article anywhere else you like).
  • You will also need to warrant that you are the copyright-holder of the work submitted, that you possess all the necessary rights and clearances to submit the work to us for publication, and that the work doesn't infringe on anyone's trademarks and/or patents.
  • You will need to agree that we reserved the right to make changes to the article where necessary to ensure it meets our editorial policies, commercial objectives, and is compatible with our site templates.

To start the submission process please email us a short overview of the article.

Last updated 09-Jul-2020

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