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I'd like to introduce our ad-broking service/network/agency.

Frequently asked question for

We receive a large number of enquires from digital advertising brokers, advertising networks, and advertising agencies seeking partnerships. currently has relationships and structures in place to provide advertising in the following areas:

  • standard display advertising
  • contextual text link advertising
  • house ads

We are not currently seeking to replace any of these services. You are welcome to pitch your organisation's advertising services to us, but in order to ensure your time (and ours) is not wasted, please include full details and compelling arguments as to why you feel we should replace our existing services or add additional services to our portfolio.

To ensure a beneficial experience for our users, we will only consider advertising services that can broker placements which are relevant to our site audience and site purpose (i.e. the making of films). Please note that does not provide coverage of or promote film releases.

Full details for our standard advertising placements can be found in our Advertiser's Kit.

Last updated 24-Mar-2021

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