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Since you've found the, you already have the world's largest information resource at your finger tips - The Internet. There is a good chance that the information you seek can be found in some quiet online corner, or at least you will be able to find online pointers to culmination of your quest in the real world. The steps described below are some of many that can be applied to any infoquest, film-related or not.

Search Engines
Remember this mantra: Google is your friend. Search on titles, strings of text (phrases), names, and more. Search engines are simple to use and generally effective in finding a path to the object of your desire. Also try Yahoo!, Live Search or

The similarity between search engines and directories starts and ends with the fact that they provide links to other sites. Directories are compiled by humans (rather than automated web-crawling indexing programs) so they provide access to information in a completely different way. Most employ a hierarchical structure of categories and sub-categories, which often means you can find solid leads rather than a million spurious results. The leading directory the Open Directory.

Reference & Q&A
Regardless of where you sit in the accuracy arguement, there's no question that Wikipedia is a valuable resource so it's definiately worth a look. Also check out Q&A services such as Ask Metafilter and Yahoo Answers.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lets you search on movie titles, cast/crew names, locations, and more. Often database entries for films/people contain links to other related online resources. The IMDBPro service also provides access to a range of additional information including contact/agent details for many people listed.

Film-Related Newsgroups
Check the various film related newsgroups for leads and post your questions there. Newsgroups are one of the easiest ways to find answers. Just be coherent, polite and direct when submitting your question.

Just the FAQs
The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ at is not the only film-related FAQ. Check for more movies FAQs.

In the Real World
Use your initiative. Contact government film offices, industry bodies, unions or companies themselves. Don't be shy. Most people are quite helpful so long as you approach them in a polite way.

Last updated 24-Mar-2021

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