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What is [...] film school or course like?

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This site contains a reasonably large section on Film Schools & Careers, as well as one of the largest directories of film schools on the Net.

Beyond what is presented there we cannot provide any further information about schools or courses they run because we simply do not know enough about them. If you are interested in finding out more about a specific school, contact the school directly - most are happy to send you their information free of charge, and will often let you visit and check out the facilities too. If you are unhappy with the fully sanitised information provided by the schools themselves, find a graduate and talk to them. The best way to find out about the positive and negative aspects of any course is to talk to people who have done it.

An extensive database of user comments about individual film schools can be found in the Library Of Annotated Film Schools (LOAFS) at

Last updated 19-Jun-2011

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