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I've got a product I'd like to sell through your store.

Frequently asked question for operates an online shop which provides a selection of products aimed at filmmakers. If you have a product that is suitable for this target audience, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of including it the store. Before contacting us, take a moment to read through the following guidelines for store products:

Product Types
The target audience for is new and independent filmmakers, so we will only consider products which are related to filmmaking and filmmakers.

Inventory & Ordering does not maintain an inventory of any physical products in the store. In order for us to list your product, you must provide us with a link to a web site where our users can purchase your product.

Where we list products in the FilmStore, we will generally expect to receive a commission on any resulting sales. In most cases the commission structure is managed through affiliate programs with the relevant supplier, however if your product is unique, we may consider listing it without a commission structure in place.

As users rely on the integrity of our editorial recommendations, we will normally expect to see a sample of any product submitted for listing in the store. This requirement is essential in the case of books. For big-ticket items, we will accept review literature from a credible source in lieu of a product sample.

For digital products, we will need you to provide a copy, download, or relevant login details to a full-version of your product.

For physical products, please send your sample to:

Cinemagine Media Limited
Kemp House, 152 City Road
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

For items being sent from outside of the UK, please ensure that the customs declaration indicates that the item is a commercial sample. We are unable to pay customs duties on samples we are sent.

Please note that unless specific arrangements have been made with us, we are unable to return review copies.

Lastly, if you are sending physical samples, please email us so that we know to expect it.

Last updated 24-Mar-2021

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